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About Us

About Ripple Links

Our Story

Beginning in 2009 as a full service Social Media Marketing Agency, Ripple Links has expanded our portfolio to undertake Influencer Driven Marketing and Conent Marketing.

We offer a range of customer enabled processes: To align your business’s sales and marketing strategies along with creating and supporting a distinct brand image utilizing digital media.

Our team of experienced and driven professionals leverage the opportunities of the Internet to increase your sales productivity and velocity, put forth a strong call to action and high ROI.


360º Influencer Marketing

At Ripple Links, we hold a vast and diverse database of influencers, across channels and categories. We have run extensive campaigns across brands and subject matter fostering strong relationships with key influencers. We create and sustain spaces for discussion promoting ongoing communication regarding your product or service. Utilising influencers allows your message to reach a wider audience through niche engagement ensuring that online relationships translate into offline connections.

Social Media

Social Media offers a world of untapped possibilities for your business. At Ripple Links, we custom create content for diverse social media channels. We develop and manage a distinctive brand image that consumers and potential consumers instantly recognise through consistent messaging. We work with a range of smart and appealing creatives that not only boosts your online presence but also enables you gain a better understanding of your target audience and build long lasting relationships.

Content Marketing

The way you communicate with your customers as well as prospective customers is crucial to building your relationship with them. At Ripple Links, we offer you clear, concise content, tailored to the language needs of your audience. The content we provide- either in text, graphics or video can be a building block through which your business is able to generate leads and retain customers.


January 17, 2017

Launching Your Product In An Explosive Brand Presence with Micro Influencers

With an explosive impact on audience, influencers can help kick start the popularity of your product at the launch. Micro influencers, with a niche base of followers, are capable

January 4, 2017

#It’sPersonal with Myntra’s App-Only Influencer Marketing Campaign

With the Indian mobile app usage growth outpacing global app usage by 131 per cent, last year Myntra decided to shut down its website and go app-only. For a mobile-only approach

January 2, 2017

It’s Wedding Season! Make a Match with Premium Influencers

The real power of an Influencer is the ability to identify with your brand and help you reach the right audience at the most relevant time. Engaging premium influencers in a specific category can assist

November 10, 2016

Influencer Marketing: Where it wins out against Paid Advertising

Influencer Marketing like most digital marketing continues to evolve and take on many different avatars with the changing times. What may have worked last year or the start of this year

October 13, 2016

Engagement Rate: A Key Metric in Influencer Marketing

Influencer driven marketing is on the rise with 80% of marketers believing that Influencers can drive both brand awareness and engagement. While various campaigns have different objectives

October 4, 2016

Burger King harnesses influencer marketing to launch #ChickenFries

There is a rapid growth of fast food chains, and the market stands at an estimated $2.5 billion in India. Consumers that tend to use their disposable income for occasions and celebrations



Payal Sakhuja

Payal is closely involved in the strategic planning and operations at Ripple Links.

She works in a primarily collaborative approach with clients to reach and exceed their business goals

Deepak Sakhuja

Deepak Sakhuja

Deepak Sakhuja heads Sales and Business Development at Ripple Links.

Deepak is responsible not only for its growth trajectory but also identification and exploration of vertical integration opportunities.

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