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Chefs and Social Media
Chefs and Social Media

When we talk about social media – The idea is very simple- participate in conversations. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing techniques and social media has given everyone a chance to be a part of this medium. Today social media has touched the lives of many. From doctors to musicians, from actors to chefs everyone is using it to get in touch with the masses at a platform where they are already present.
With this post and chefs as an example I attempt to exemplify the whole idea of participating in conversations in the social media. So below are some ways in which Chefs are using social media as a marketing tool.
1. Blogging – Writing blogs gives the chefs an opportunity to share their ideas, recipes, experiences thoughts etc with the audience. Blog gives them a platform to express themselves to the audience and understand them better. Chefs like Racheal Ray, Vikas Khanna etc have realized the importance of being in touch with the digital audience and blog regularly.
2. Video Sharing– If people say “A picture is worth a thousand words” I guess a video is worth a lot more. Uploading the cooking videos on video sharing sites like Youtube helps chefs share their cooking skills and if one is consistent in creating good culinary videos that the viewer want one could get a lot of mileage in the food industry. A lot of chefs like Racheal Ray, Sanjeev Kapoor etc share their videos on such sites. If you are a chef and not practicing in this trait you are definitely missing the train.
3. Forums and Message Boards– People in today’s world have a lot of queries related to food, restaurants, restaurant openings, health and wellness. The home for such queries is message boards and forums. An expert opinion is what people are looking at and who could address these queries better than a chef. By being present in these platforms chefs get to know the feedback, key themes of discussions etc. These information are of a lot of importance because they are first hand information .
4. Communities– There are several food and beverage related communities on Orkut, Facebook etc where people can come and share culinary related ideas, experiences, recipes etc. Chefs are actively getting engaged in these communities for increasing their fan following, understanding the needs of the fans and promoting event/product launch.
5. Professional Networking-Though presence in professional networking is the need of the hour for everyone ,food consultants and chefs are using this platform for gaining consultancy assignments and business contacts by getting connected to the stake holder of the food and beverage and related industry.
There are many more tools like microblogging, contests etc which are being used by chefs to launch their books, products , fest and a lot more. Several chefs are using these social media tools as a stepping stone for promoting them as a Key Influential Chef.

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