Build Your Business with Content Marketing

Content is at the centre of the marketing strategies of businesses. Business approaches need to
present content that suggest what value your business would provide. Your potential clients
would look for information which is beneficial to them and at the same time; find new inroads
to connect with audience.

To successfully curate content for a business, your organisation needs to understand that all
businesses need to be publishers of content and get the word out about their business and
their business offerings to form a strong relationship with the customer.

Content Marketing helps by:

  •  Improving your SEO ranking when you use specific keywords that will boost your ranking
  • and help generate traffic to your website
  • Increasing financial saving when money is not used to create paid search results
  • Enhancing brand awareness when providing a voice and communicating the brand in a
  • softer tone
  • Raising revenue when your viewers are directed to product pages and there is an
  • increase in revenue conversion

The advantages of content marketing are limitless. Your business should channel their efforts to
think like a publisher and produce content that address your business objectives and provides
solutions to common problems. Content will act as a resource and will help funnel prospective
customers and clients who face similar problems and let them associate your product as being
their final solution. Track your content and know what works for you and associate your
content with social media to improve your audience reach.

93% of all marketers
docontent marketing
31% of Fortune 500
enterprises now maintain an
official blog.
(72%) content sharing done
by buyers is on primarily email
and apps.
76% of B2B marketers say
they will produce more
content in 2016.
73% of content creators
plan to prioritize creating
more engaging content in
Content with relevant
images gets 94% more
views than content
without relevant images.


Why do you need content marketing?

1. Improves brand awareness

Content helps in building brand awareness especially when you are frequently posting content
and in a manner that your brand will be their first preference when they need to buy a product
or service similar to what you can deliver.

2. Creates an identity

With helpful and informational content, brands can demonstrate their expertise and accrediting
your business as one that has a strong reputation.

3. Updates your website

Information is vital to the success to a business and effectively communicating this information
to your audiences helps build a lasting relationship with your customers.

4. Develop sharable content

Create easy to share, fresh and resourceful content that can be decimated through search,
social media, traditional media and more. This would in turn help you increase traffic to your
website and leave the phone constantly ringing.

The way you communicate with your customers as well as prospective customers is crucial to
building your relationship with them. At Ripple Links, we offer you clear, concise content,
tailored to the language needs of your audience. The content we provide- either in text,
graphics or video can be a building block through which your business is able to generate leads
and retain customers.

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