How Influencer Marketing Positioned MakeMyTrip as a Travel Leader


India has seen an increase in 30% of tourists or more than 2.3 million tourists travelling across India in the last three months of the year. MakeMyTrip, a leading online travel agency and booking portal, looked to reach out to travellers and promote their mobile app through influencer marketing. This would allow holiday-goers a chance to capitalise on these services and cement MakeMyTrip as the one stop travel guide for a perfect holiday. Influencers played a key role in communicating MakeMyTrip’s role as an innovator

What did we do different?

Ripple Links positioned MakeMyTrip as the pioneer and leader in the mobile booking segment.

Ripple Links engaged 16 technology and travel influencers that were metrics driven and have a large readership. The clear objective was to engage their audience as to why it’s the right time to travel and to seed downloads of the MakeMyTrip app.

This was the result of the MakeMyTrip campaign:

  • A massive social reach of close to 200k
  • An overall reach of close to 600k

Influencers were provided with two themes:

Theme 1: The Best Time to Travel

Influencers shared pictures and text to help their audience explore several travel destinations. All post carried a reminder that ‘the best time to book tickets’ as late October was just a few days away. Before they signed off, the audience were provided with a link that allowed them to download the MakeMyTrip app.

Theme 2: Travel in the 21st Century

Here influencers would pivot around the power of technology in today’s travel across different platforms. Influencers reviewed the MakeMyTrip’s mobile app and key features, like Spotlight Search and App Indexing and the link to MakeMyTrip’s mobile app was added.


Campaign Highlights

  • Blog reach  over 400K
  • Facebook impressions over 100K
  • Twitter impressions    close to 100K
  • Total social engagement ~2000
  • Total social reach ~200k
  • Total reach ~600k

Blogs were promoted on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #StayReady. MakeMyTrip’s social properties were tagged to boost the hashtag, reach and impressions, as well as their mobile app downloads.

Influencer blogs reached over 4,00,000 users and had a total reach of 591,038 on social media. The focus was to create urgency and excitement among travellers so that they would download and book their tickets through the MakeMyTrip app.

At Ripple Links, we can help you talk to the most relevant audience and will improve your reach through our influencer marketing strategies.

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