Reaching the Right Audience with Influencer Marketing

Every consumer looks for a product that he or she can connect to – one that solves a problem or creates a sense of need. But how do we create this connection? In the age of virality and digital chatter, a brand needs to engage with the consumer appropriately create a brand value that makes them take notice. And here is where influencer marketing can enable your brand to stand out.

So, what is influencer marketing?

This type of promotion for your brand involves influencers – people with huge social media following – or people who can wield relevant influence among their followers to drive a message. Influencer marketing is thus using key influencers to drive your brand message among your target audience or the larger market.

Influencer marketing overlaps critically with social media marketing as well as content marketing. Influencers are leveraged across various social media channels to engage with consumers, generating quality content that the audience can associate with.

But, how much can influencers really affect my audience?

A lot! By engaging your audience to the extent of creating interest around your products. We will explain with a recent example. Yakult, a pro-biotic drink brand, launched the “Be monsoon ready with Yakult” campaign with the objective to connect with consumers this monsoon and establish the relevance of the brand in daily life.


Ripple Links proposed an influencer and celebrity focused campaign on Twitter and Instagram, engaging Influencers in the categories of food, fitness and parenting and celebrity mothers. They sampled the product, sharing how they and their families were ready to weather the monsoons with Yakult.

This is how a brand story can be built with influencers!


12 celebrities and influencers were leveraged across Twitter and Instagram to communicate the product’s nutrition value and how probiotics help with digestive and respiratory issues. Generating a conversation around how one can combat health problems related to the monsoons by consuming Yakult every day, influencers engaged with their followers, interacting with existing consumers and creating new ones.

The campaign was able to generate a reach over 4 Million with 12 Million Impressions


Influencers in Fitness, Food and Celebrity Mums like Kiran Manral, Nanadita Iyer, Mandira Bedi, Tara Sharma, and more shared photographs on Twitter and Instagram sharing their mantra – involving Yakult – to wear this monsoon with ease #IAmMonsoonReady.


Through influencer marketing you can connect with your consumers on a personal level and build a bigger brand story. You can leverage influencer marketing to build a relationship of trust with your consumers and spread the word about your products in the market.

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