Engagement Rate: A Key Metric in Influencer Marketing

Influencer driven marketing is on the rise with 80% of marketers believing that Influencers can drive both brand awareness and engagement. While various campaigns have different objectives some brands make the mistake of getting swayed by the sheer number of followers the influencer might have, missing out on an important influencer marketing metric, the engagement rate.


What is the Engagement rate?

To put it simply, the engagement rate is the percentage of followers a brand or influencer has that has been impacted by the posts they make. It measures the number of followers that have engaged with the post in terms of likes, shares and comments and in the case of videos, of views.

The formula is:



Why Measure the Engagement Rate?

The engagement rate enables you to measure:

  1. If you have chosen the right influencer for the campaign, one with real influence
  2. If the influencer has the relevant audience to engage with your product
  3. The quality of content shared

Influencers with high engagement rates can also help you cut through the different posts that occur daily and help your brand stand out.

Beauty and Fashion Brands especially face stiff competition for users’ attention on visual channels like Instagram and influencers in their category can enable brands to build instant trust and high engagement rates.


Building Brand Awareness for Meitu’s #LookToLondon Campaign

Global innovator in mobile video and photography, Meitu wanted to popularise the use of two of their beauty based apps- Makeup Plus and Beauty Plus Me with Indian Audiences.

They launched an activity inviting users to download the app and create a look for London Fashion Week.

Ripple Links suggested they use premium fashion influencers and celebrities with high engagement rates to promote the campaign.


Influencers shared high quality images and looks that focused on the apps’ capabilities. They urged their followers to participate in the campaign and discussed the features they experienced first-hand to create their looks.

The influencers were chosen based on their engagement rate with the average rate of engagement being 3% (The average engagement rate on Instagram being 0.84, Source: AdWeek)


The campaign concluded with a reach of over 5 Mn and over 100k in engagement. Influencers in the campaign were able to deliver an engagement rate of over 4%.

Partner with Ripple Links for your next campaign, and we can deliver the right influencers with high engagement rates to ensure your brand’s message reaches the right audience.

Find out more, mail us at deepak@ripplelinks.com


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