It’s Wedding Season! Make a Match with Premium Influencers

The real power of an Influencer is the ability to identify with your brand and help you reach the right audience at the most relevant time. Engaging premium influencers in a specific category can assist your brand in building vital brand recall amongst your prospective consumers. When it comes to luxury brands like jewelry, you have be to careful to reach the right audience with relevant and quality content to engage them. As the wedding season begins, it is time to get consumers considering your luxury brand of jewelry, clothing, automobiles and décor for purchase – and influencer marketing can help you do just that!

Is it tricky to talk about luxury products with influencers?

As a category, luxury products have their own niche audience who is looking for credible product information and premium content. While devising a promotional strategy for a luxury brand, find an influencer who meets your brand standards and exemplifies your brand values. One should implement a seamless integration of the influencer image and the brand essence to exert the desired impact. Additionally, a brand must identify influencers possessing both an exhaustive reach as well as capable of driving relevant engagement.

So, who are we looking for?


Premium influencers and digital celebrities work best with luxury brands as they are able to generate the maximum and most relevant impact. These influencers both hold authority over a certain category as well as have the necessary expertise to talk about the products or services in the respective industry. The prowess of these influencers, thus, is trusted by their followers for their credibility and authenticity while talking about specific products, even when they are promoting them.

What’s the guarantee?

Ripple Links devised a Premium Fashion Influencers driven campaign through Blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Premium fashion and wedding bloggers were engaged to create high quality visual content, exploring the region-specific jewelry collections by Tanishq wedding. The campaign positioned Tanishq Jewelry as an authoritative shopping destination for a marriage in any Indian culture.




Image Credit: Gia Says That

Here’s how you can position your brand as an industry leader too!

5 Premium Fashion and Wedding Influencers were leveraged to execute this campaign with an explosive reach.  As part of the campaign, premium influencers presented the collection on their blogs syncing the product with various regional cultures of different regions – the Marwari, the Punjabi, the Telegu and the Metros. The theme indicated that the brand was ready for any wedding with their products to address the cultural, traditional and artistic requirements that any wedding jewelry has.



Image Credit: What, Where, How

Positioning the brand as the ideal destination for purchasing jewelry, no matter where they are from, the influencers engaged with their readership, recommending their consumers on their purchases and also developed social conversations with their followers on social media. In doing so, the brand was positioned as the premiers in the industry.

The campaign saw readership of 200,00+, garnering massive reach and engagement. The campaign drew close to 10,000+ unique engagements, which was a clear indication of the influence of premium content and intelligent engagement. Influencer marketing is the way to go to build a niche consumer base as well as expand it.

Place your brand as an industry leader this wedding season with premium influencers. Reach out to us at Ripple Links by mailing us at and our Premium Influencers will engage your audience with their expertise and credibility.

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