Launching Your Product In An Explosive Brand Presence with Micro Influencers

With an explosive impact on audience, influencers can help kick start the popularity of your product at the launch. Micro influencers, with a niche base of followers, are capable of exerting macro impact on your consumers. With the right reach, resonance and relevance, they can popularise your brand image among consumers and drive purchase decisions. Content is an integral aspect and communicating with quality content is absolutely essential.

So how can influencer marketing tell my brand’s story?

For starters, influencer marketing programs are customized from brand to brand and varies on a range of factors such as the products, target audience, brand objectives and influencers engaged. While launching a new product or service, focus on your main USP and make a list of three others which are of extreme relevance to the consumers. These product characteristics are those which place your brand in the competition. These influencers, being the experts in their respective categories, are followed for their knowledge and recommendation on lifestyle choices.


How can these experts engage my audience?

When you engage your consumers with a certain product feature, niche influencers can create the appropriate narrative to drive the brand message. They will help you generate the right tone and image for your product in the market with their expertise in handling the specific features. Being an authoritative voice in their categories, these influencers’ reviews are eagerly awaited by their followers and consistently engage their audience.

One feature can make a product the talk of the town…

Product reviews focusing on specific features draws a story around the relevance of the product in consumer lifestyle. Ripple Links strategized an influencer campaign for Asus’  offering, Zoom – focusing on its impeccable camera and positioning it as a pocket DSLR. With the rise in the number of photography enthusiasts, young and old, influencers engaged with this audience to generate an explosive buzz around the new product.


Take a cue from Asus who launched their new smartphone!

50 influencers – 25 Travel, Lifestyle & Photography bloggers, and 25 Travel, Food & Photography Instagrammers – were engaged to discuss the Zoom’s high-resolution camera. The influencers experienced the phone first-hand, and reviewed the quality of the visuals in a range of contexts. Along with the camera, the influencers also highlighted the phone’s processor and design to drive the image of an economic, lifestyle device for consumers. Cameras are possibly the most evaluated feature of a smartphone during purchases, and this campaign helped Asus position their product among niche consumers genuinely interested in good technology.

Asus Zoom_Blog with casestudy

25 blogs were picked up which reached an audience of more than 10 Million with a social reach of more than 7 Million. Instagrammers shared 25 unique posts garnering more than 10 Million reach and 21,000+ engagements. The content was also shared on Facebook and Twitter for a greater impact, reaching a larger base of audience. With an extensive base of followers, influencers were leveraged on multiple platforms to maximise the brand reach.

Asus Zoom_Blog with casestudy 2

Want to engage micro influencers to launch your product and maximize brand presence in the digital space? Reach out us at Ripple Links and we will help your brand shine bright among the noisy world of marketing!

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